Hey guys welcome to nikhilnishankar.in in this post I am going to tell you How To Increase Followers On Instagram Organically so let's get started  

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And let me tell you I gained 800 followers within 3 months so in this post I am going to tell you all the methods I am using to increase my followers Organically so let's get started.

    6 Proven Ways To Increase Instagram Followers Organically.

    1.Make Profile Attractive

    You must have heard that first impression is the last impression Yes, it is exactly like this.  If you really want to increase followers on your Instagram account quickly, then you have to pay a lot of attention to your profile.  By which any user visits your profile, then he will feel that he has visited the account of a professional.  So that he does not go without following you from him.  For this you have to make some changes on your profile which I am going to tell you.

    To make your profile attractive, you must first show your account professionally.  Like what you do, tell your field, with which professional do you belong.  Like artist, blogger, entrepreneur etc and if possible, do not forget to use emoji in it.  This makes your profile look much better.  And inside that you can also give the link of your website.  By using all these things, you can make your profile attractive and can gain Instagram Followers Organically

    2. Post Regularly

    If you wants to increase followers on Instagram organically then you have to post regularly on your profile to engage your followers.  That's when your followers want to join you.  Your followers follow your posts and not you that's why they always post on their profile.  If you have a business account, then you have to put a day on 2 posts in at least 24 hours.  Then Instagram will suggest your post to others.

     One thing you will not know that Instagram promotes your post itself.  That too in which condition when you post regularly on your account, Instagram suggests your post to the people.  So that people can follow you.  The more activity you have in your profile, the more your account will grow.  So always post regularly on your profile.

    3.Use HD Or high quality images.

    Everyone likes to see good, if you use HD images and videos on your profile, then it works to attract people.  No one likes to see blur images and videos.  Because the eyes like to see the one on which it stays.  Use maximum good image.

    If you use HD images and videos, then the activity of the people will be more on it.  Due to which more and more comments will be written on your post, it will send a message to Instagram that this post is very good and it will promote it itself so that when people visit your profile, they will get to see good images and videos. So that they will start following you and you will get Instagram Followers Organically

    4. Use Hastags.

    After doing everything well, whose name you do not give, then that thing can never be promoted.  That's why we call it hashtag in the language of social media.  It is very important to use it.  If you do not use it, then Instagram will never suggest you the post to the people further.

    If you want to trend any post on social media, then you have to use hashtags.  You have to find out on which topic your post is on, by searching the hashtag of that topic and putting your post together.  You cannot use more than 30 hashtags in one post.  Use at least 20 hashtags in one post.

    5. Post Regular Story

    For example, to increase the follower, you need to put a post on the profile.  In the same way, you can engage your followers on your profile with your daily story.  Even if it is only for 24 hours.  But it has a huge impact on your profile.  This also lets you know how many of your followers are actively following you. 
    People who see your story, you can also see them.  This also lets you know which followers follow you well.  And the story that people see more, Instagram itself sends it to the people so that people see it more, due to which your chances of increasing your follower organically becomes 100 percent.

    7.Do comments and like

    Like if someone likes and comments on your post, then you should also comment on their post like this so that your bond with them remains good.  If someone has any question by commenting on your post, then try your best to answer it.  With this, a good relationship will remain between you and your follower.

    Guys this is methods which I use to Increase Instagram Followers Organically.

    8.Start Making Reels.

    Now a days Instagram is promoting reels very much so if possible start making reels according to your niche this will give your account boost and will you in increasing Instagram Followers Organically.


    So guys in this post I told you How To Increase Instagram Followers Organically
    I hope you like this post.

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