Best SEO Tools For Bloggers

Hey guys welcome to in this post I am going to tell you Top 7 Best SEO Tools For Bloggers so let's get started..

    Top 7 Best SEO Tools For Bloggers 

    In the year 2021 blogging has become very competitive as more and more young people are joining it. to be more precise blogging is still same write good content, good website design one thing which has become more competitive is search engine optimization (SEO). And to counter attack this competition in the search engine optimization (SEO) there are so many software then tools available. That is why we are here to talk about Top 7 Best SEO Tools For Bloggers in year 2021 Recommended by SEO Expert Rajiv Babbar.

    Google search console

    Best SEO Tools For Bloggers

    Search console offered by Google is one of the Best SEO Tool For Blogger  Google search console provide bloggers the information required for ranking in the search page. Search control have all the data like indexed backlinks, submitted URLs, index URLs, any error related to website, etc. 

    Other than that Google search control help you keep track or bad links which can hamper their ranking of your overall website. It also keep the track off your best keyboards, impressions, and average ranking. so do not neglect the importance of Google search console.

    Google Analytics

    Best SEO Tools For Bloggers

    As Google has become the synonym of search engine And being a Blogger we also want to rank our website on
    Google. It will be a full list depth if we neglected any tool related to search engine optimization by Google itself.

    Google Analytics keep the track of your traffic sources and most interactive pages. And this data can help us convert a simple user into a paid customer. Always use Google Analytics track the behavior of your traffic for better earnings.

    Because of its In detail analytics This Tool Is considered as One of the Best SEO Tool For Blogger.

    Moz Bar

    Best SEO Tools For Bloggers

    Moz bar Is one of the most important browser extension. Whenever you are analyzing your competitors page you cannot always check in the hole source code page to get the information you want.

    When you use Moz bar on your competitors speech it provides you with the information which is good for your SEO competitive analysis. It is capable to show all the information like Heading tags, Bold steps, Meta description, Page title, etc. So if you are doing competitive analysis try Moz bar next time.

    SEO Analyzer by Neil Patel

    Best SEO Tools For Bloggers

    SEO analyzer by Neil Patel is also an one of the Best SEO Tool For Blogger you can use to analyze your website or competitors website. and it is totally free to use which you should definitely check out.

    In order to use this tool you just have to enter the URL you want to track it could be home page of a website. And in just 10 minutes It can show you also the data like on page SEO score where it analyzes all the on page and technical aspects, average organic monthly traffic, website rank for organic keywords and complete backlink analysis.

    Page speed insights by Google

    Best SEO Tools For Bloggers

    For a Blogger in the year 2021 the speed of website is everything. Even Google has announced that faster the website loads the better it can rank. so it should be on high priority list of every Blogger.

    Page speed insights by Google is a free to use tool which tells you how fast your website is loading. it can analyze all three devices mobile phone, tablet, and computer. after analyzing it can also tell you which thing from your website is dragging your website.

    Google My Business

    Best SEO Tools For Bloggers

    As the competition in the search engine optimization is growing day by day. Targeting your local area for better ranking is a good thing and a good strategy. where the service of Google My Business can help you out.

    Google My Business let you claim your business which help you create a specific page where all your information will be available for the users around your business. it is one of the best technique used for local SEO. And if you are interested in local SEO and you should try it.


    Best SEO Tools For Bloggers

    Even though Ahref is a paid tool but still you cannot ignore tools like it. You always need a tool which can tell you which keywords you should focus for better results and Ahref is that tool for you.

    I know it’s a paid too but it is an all in one tool. it can fulfill all of your needs regarding search engine optimization (SEO). It offers all the information regarding Keywords, backlinks, website audit, etc.

    Ahref is most trusted And used tools by many bloggers and SEO expert so it is considered as One Of the Best SEO Tool For Blogger 

    Bonus: Small SEO Tools

    We were only gonna talk about seven search engine optimization (SEO) tools. But as its name indicate small SEO tools and the information it has, it became our bonus tool.

    The Small SEO tool website has More than 100 tools related to blogging, designing, editing, etc. Most of them are free to use for a basic user. And as a beginner you should always try to use free tools. 


    So guys in This Post I told you Top 7 Best SEO Tools For Bloggers I hope you like post.

    Thanks For Reading.